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Sentimental Values

Ireland is a sentimental society. We want all our fights to end with a hug. This is so even – especially – when the dispute is unresolved. Fudge it, say that both sides want the same thing but simply disagree … Continue reading

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David Quinn, Shirley Temple, and The Milkman’s Cheery Whistle

It cannot be easy to be an opinion columnist. No, that’s not quite true. Being an opinion columnist is incredibly easy, especially when compared to jobs such as firefighter, coalminer or deep-sea fisherman. What is difficult though, so difficult that … Continue reading

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A People, Risen

I take it that you, like me, have already see the video posted above, of Panti’s Noble Call, a stirring address to the audience at the final production of The Risen People on Saturday night. If so, you won’t be … Continue reading

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Folklore as Childcare Policy

One of the oldest and most pernicious myths about the Jewish people is that known as the Blood Libel. This is the belief, dated by some scholars back to the the 5th Century, that Jews were in the habit of … Continue reading

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Stuck In A Moment We Can’t Get Out Of

And so, it begins. The annual exercise in counting our national blessings, looking ourselves up and down, and concluding that Ireland, all things considered, isn’t a bad old place. Except, it’s not beginning, because it never really stopped. National self-examination … Continue reading

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We The Citizens: The Goo Goo Dolls

For a couple of centuries, New York City was politically dominated by the Democratic Party machine known as “Tammany Hall”. All-powerful and frankly corrupt, Tammany was the machine through which immigrants, particularly the Irish, rose through the ranks of New … Continue reading

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Do Not Want

The part of the tale of the Emperor’s New Clothes that is often forgotten is what happens after the little boy in the crowd shouts his heresy. You might think that his shout would break the spell, and the brute … Continue reading

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The Dignity Of Work

I have recently spent more time than is healthy flicking through the suggestions proposed to Your Country, Your Call, Ireland’s latest doomed exercise in Magical Thinking. They are hilarious, of course, but there’s a desperate edge to much of my … Continue reading

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Last week, a Judge in Louisiana refused a marriage license to a mixed race couple. In the ensuing furore, he was careful to make clear that “I’m not a racist, I just don’t believe in mixing the races”. To which … Continue reading

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The Nicknames of Ill-Fame

In contemporary Ireland, when one beer-sponsored festival has barely ended than another begins, to the extent that one is barely aware of their existence, it is easy to remember that these things used to be a big deal. While a … Continue reading

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