Fís Special Post: Free ebook sample from Sit Down and Be Counted

The Fís Television Summit is running in Galway this week. To mark the occasion, something a bit special.

Sit Down and Be Counted, published in 1969, is a curious beast of a book. A (critical) history of the birth of RTE television. An analysis of television’s place in a culture as both an expressive form and a medium. A prophetic understanding of how the technological form of getting moving pictures into people’s home forced a particular grammar onto how stories could be told. A J’accuse. A book by lovers of the form of the book, crammed with italics, footnotes, prefaces, endnotes and appendices. And, in telling the story of how a quirky, original and independent television culture was systematically oppressed, it is a kind of mirror history of Ireland itself.

I will be republishing Sit Down and Be Counted as an ebook (and some very special print copies). And, with the blessing of the authors, their heirs and good graces, to coincide with the Fís Summit, you can download a sample from it here, today. If you have a kindle, you’ll need to load upload the pdf via the Send to Kindle App.

The rest of you may read, print and enjoy the pdf in whatever format or device you like the best.

Sit Down And Be Counted A cautionary Tale Free Sample

If you’d like to know when the final book is ready to buy, stick your email in this form.

Sit Down and Be Counted




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