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The Morning After

I wake up in the dark. I get up and stagger out of bed and downstairs to prepare my son’s breakfast bottle.  I stand waiting for it to heat. I ignore the television, the radio and the computer screen. I can hear him singing Old McDonald’s Farm in his cot. Anita is still asleep, having been unable to tear herself away from the flow of news. I breath in the silence. I bring him his bottle and then go for …

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Liveblogging the US Election Night

Don’t pretend you won’t be watching it. Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. So come along and we’ll huddle together as the real* results start coming in. Swing by this Scribble Live page. Tell your friends. We may not get a vote, but at least we can say what we think about the outcome. I’ll remind you again closer to the time. *Reality subject to a margin of error.

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