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When the Sheriff loses it

Here's an interesting specific (and extreme) example of an administration body which becomes sociopathic by losing sight of its purpose. It is a institutional disorder which seems to be endemic across corporate entities. It's most serious in state bodies, because of they're gifted with state coercion powers.

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A collage on election 2016

Hey, wake up, there's a really annoying election campaign. One that everyone wishes would just leave them alone. The vote is on Friday, which is a blessed relief after the longest short election campaign in history.

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Why I’m not a Progressive

I struggled with the title for this post. What I really wanted to call it was “You are not a Progressive”. I’ve compromised on this impulse to tell people that their beliefs are just wrong.

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VoteTube Archive: The Centre Cannot Hold

Turning and turning in the widening gyreThe falcon cannot hear the falconer;Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,-The Second Coming, WB YeatsYeats could have been channelling the spirit of the modern political campaign manager. For nearly twenty years political parties and candidates have been successful in imposing previously undreamed controls on campaigns.

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The Journalistic Standards of Newstalk

Denis O'Brien has an opinion piece in today's Irish Times defending himself (and by extension his journalists) against the charge that he "despises" journalism. He cites, as evidence of his support for quality journalism, the fact that he has spent €20m on Newstalk radio.

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