The Journalistic Standards of Newstalk

Denis O’Brien has an opinion piece in today’s Irish Times defending himself (and by extension his journalists) against the charge that he “despises” journalism.

He cites, as evidence of his support for quality journalism, the fact that he has spent €20m on Newstalk radio.

Whatever about Eamonn Dunphy’s claims, my experience of appearing on Newstalk as a guest in studio on the Ivan Yeats breakfast show would not fill me with confidence at the journalistic standards in Newstalk. I’m not sure Denis’ €20 million was well spent.

You can listen to me tell the tale below. The clip is approximately 3 minutes long.

Shorter Version: I was invited in to debate #ycyc. When the #ycyc rep started talking, a man came into the room and unplugged and removed my microphone.

Audio: Newstalk and the UnLive Mic

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