The Buried Present

A terrible historical event intrudes into the present in lots of ways. Knowledge of a wrong makes us want to see justice done. But before we can do the work justice requires, we have to get through history's bottleneck.

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The BAI, John Waters and regulating away Other voices

As a member of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI), John Waters is one of nine people who are in charge of regulating all broadcasting in Ireland- RTE TV and Radio, TV3, and all commercial radio. He is also one of only two of those nine who sits on the Contracts Awards Committee which licences independent commercial and community broadcasters including digital television providers.

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New Comscore figures show losing 18% of desktop readers

Irish Newspaper site visitor stats

New figures on the performance on newspaper websites in the Irish market show that the Irish Independent group's sites are the most popular with readers. The figures also suggest that the newly redesigned Irish Times website has not been embraced by readers, recording a 18% year on year fall against a background of an increasing total available audience.

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More coverage of The Irish Times retraction

UPDATE: 5th September 2013From TheJournal. ie today, Minister for State Kathleen Lynch gave her reaction to the Irish Times' original decision to publish their story on the 23rd August. Members of the public have no standing to make complaint to the Press Ombudsman and/or the Press Council of Ireland if they think there has been a breach of the Code of Conduct which doesn't directly effect them.

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The Paywall Problem

Another day, another step closer to the coming age of the newspaper paywall in Ireland. Here's PriceWaterhouseCoopers making self assured statements on the impending digital bonanza. As the money they can charge for ads (and the number of ads) sags the Irish newspapers have become addicted to talking about, and preparing for, the crock of gold that charging their readers seems to represent.

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Why Budget Coverage Is Bad News

The past few years have seen the budget loom up out of the news calendar, casting its shadow over the news weeks before it actually arrives. It occurred to me that these acres of newsprint can be explained by two regrettable journalistic impulses. Firstly, there is the misery porn.

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