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A Week of FF Press Releases as Tag Cloud

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Children’s Rights and Government Hypocrisy

The news this evening is full of the announcement of the publishing of the wording for the new amendment to the Constitution. I use this inelegant formulation because no publishing yet appears to have occurred, though there has been plenty of announcement.

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VoteTube Idea

You could be forgiven for thinking that we'd forgotten all about the VoteTube competition we announced a while ago, amongst all this talk of newspapers. Don't worry, we're not quite as inactive as it looks on that front, and there may be a big bang coming on it this week, or next.

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FOI: Not as Free as Previously

According to figures given out by Michael McDowell last week in a Parliamentary Question regarding FOI requests, 41% more people were being charged a €15 application fee by the Department of Justice in 2006 than in 2004.

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