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Another little bit of playing with the tagcloud tool. This time I’ve taken the text of an entire week (14th- 21st February 2007) of all FF’s Press Releases and taken the top 40 words. Some interesting things come out.

I’m a little surprised at the popularity of ‘cocaine’. The impact of recent polls showing the Green Party doing well must be the explanation for the huge interest in ‘energy’ and ‘environment’/’environmental’ and ‘climate’ and ‘change’. I think that what’s most striking is how other policies (‘transport’, ‘waste’) take second place to personal descriptors (‘ministers’, ‘farmers’, ‘young’).

Clearly FF this week think that it’s better to try to identify and address groups of people rather than issues.


  • Celtictigger says:

    Local FF councillor/Dail candidate knocked in on the wife tonight. Glad I was on the old commuter gig in Dublin and missed it – I’d have wet meself laffing…

    1) Not aware which govt department was decentralising to our county
    2) Not aware that the dept already has a large contingent of workers (and a small surplus of office space) in a facility locally?
    3) Wasn’t up to speed on the current state of the Electoral register (hint – what do you usually get after dinner and a movie, beings with F?)
    4) Wasn’t up to speed on commuter issues (number of trains, frequency of trains, current bus services, numbers of people who might be commuting) In fact, the punter in question assumed that “commuter” = “driver”. I have a word association for FF that I can’t possibly publish here…

    General gist from the missus was that the lights were on but if there was someone home they were in the bath.

    The Celtictiggress was up to speed because

    a) She knows someone local who is going for a job in that particular Govt Dept and they’ve been told they’ll need to relocate to de Schmoke (Dublin) for 2 years… so that’ll mean selling nice house A for overpriced shoebox B and in 2 years moving back down to buy smaller house C with only the Revenoo, builders and estate agents winning out, (and what about their spouse’s work commitments?)

    b) electoral register data quality is a bit of an obsession of mine. ‘Cos the problem hasn’t gone away and the root causes have not been addressed (Nurse Ratchet.. my pill please).

    c)I feckin commute and am away far too much because our transport networks are piss poor, and the incumbents have an obsession with building roads and putting people in cars… it’s like buying a new bin everytime the old one gets full.. how about we just figure out how to empty the bloody bin (by investing in decent public transport and incentivising people to use it).

    Needless to say, the Tiggeress roared a little when the vacuum of thoughts she was exposed to threatened to suck the oxygen out of the sky itself.

    A lot done, more to do… like connecting with the real issues of real people and making sure you know what the **** is going on on your own doorstep let alone in the country as a whole.

    The tag cloud sums up the vacuum of actual leadership here… all reactive, focussing on social categories rather than issues or ideas. Note that TRANSPORT is in wee tiny print along with WASTE and the word ‘commuter’ doesn’t feature.

  • Celtictigger says:

    As for the popularity of the word cocaine.. it’s a fit up.. it was supposed to read ‘hand-rolled cigarette’ and it only appeared in the tag cloud because somebody had a cameraphone and now they’re trying to blackmail the tag-cloud in question.

    Perhaps it is all explained by this:

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