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What really makes a civil servant quit?

Between 1996 and 1999 the rate of resignations from the civil service rose by 34%. The civil service had been under resourced and demotivated, while subject to an embargo on hiring staff. Staff careers and earnings had stagnated.

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VoteTube Archive: Copyright on Oireachtas Footage

Dail 2000

At the end of his scholarly piece on whether the Rules of the Houses of the Oireachtas applied to non-members, Fergal correctly pointed out that while the House rules trying to control how Oireachtas video was used might lack teeth, they did not deal with the question of copyright. The portion of the Copyright Act of 2000 which deals with copyright on proceedings in the Oireachtas is Section 7171.

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We The Citizens: The Goo Goo Dolls

For a couple of centuries, New York City was politically dominated by the Democratic Party machine known as “Tammany Hall”. All-powerful and frankly corrupt, Tammany was the machine through which immigrants, particularly the Irish, rose through the ranks of New York politics. You could almost call it the Fianna Fáil of old New York.

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Your Country, Your Call: SIPO fails the test

I have received a reply from the Standards In Public Office Commission regarding my request for an investigation of An Smaoineamh Mór Limited, the company running the Your Country, Your Call competition and lobby group. You can read the text of it below.

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Your Country, Your Call: The SIPO Question

Last month I wrote an article for the Irish Times asking some questions regarding the Your Country Your Call competition. As a result, members of the competition 'Steering Group', including Professor Von Prondzynski, the President of DCU, have elaborated on their previous positions both on those pages and in radio interviews. Some questions have been answered.

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