Your Country, Your Call: 1st Week Greatest Hits

1. Proposal: Introduce a policy of deliberate Professional Negligence in Criminal Defence.
2. Proposal: “The voting process will become a mere formality to sustain our sense of democracy”. Sold!
3. Proposal: “It would be a good idea for Europe to help by printing more euro.” Duh! Why did nobody think of this before now. Financial Crisis, Solved.
4. Proposal:“gather & use all the cattle manure in this country and have the nations artists sculpt them into giant statues resembling the Easter Island ones”
5. Proposal: Ireland to give a tax break/ tax free status to billionaires. “Let’s work our hearts out for them.”

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  • Ciarán says:

    Your cynicism about the government and this process is astounding. Our government has been so busy fixing the country that 2, 3 and 5 have already been done.

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