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Your Country, Your Call: A Tuppenceworth Perfect Storm

Your Country, Your Call launched a week ago. Its self description "a competition to ignite your imagination and reward your thinking" might have you scratching your head. Didn't we already go though exactly this already? The Ideas Campaign was an almost identical effort run by PR firm AMAS's Managing Director Aileen O'Toole in March of 2009.

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“A brief encounter that said it all”

It is rare that a newspaper headline cannot be bettered, but the title of a front page story in this weekend’s Sunday Independent summed up the article so perfectly that no other words seem appropriate. First, the back story:The previous week, the Independent ran with a story about Bertie Ahern and a suitcase full of money. You may have heard about it.

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Astonishing Stories of Depravity

An excellent post here by Suzy Byrne, on last week’s coverage of an alleged paedophile ring. I wasn’t really paying much attention to the news for the past few days, so consequently took the story at more or less face value, insofar as I thought of it at all.

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