VoteTube Idea

You could be forgiven for thinking that we’d forgotten all about the VoteTube competition we announced a while ago, amongst all this talk of newspapers. Don’t worry, we’re not quite as inactive as it looks on that front, and there may be a big bang coming on it this week, or next.

In the meantime, I was sent an email which pointed out that a VoteTube video might be the most practical method of reaching your voters if you were hoping to be elected to the Seanad.

Let’s say you’re on one of the University panels. Your voters are all the graduates of the relevant institution (NUI or Trinity), scattered all over the country. You can hardly go door to door, but your electorate are the most likely to have access to broadband, and to be tuned in to viral marketing.

Prospective electees to our upper house- you know it makes sense!
VoteTube it!

Bonus: Link to Conn O Muineachain’s piece in Lá this week on similar issues in the upcoming Seanad elections.


  • celtictigger says:

    David Norris on YouTube… now there’s a thought. He’d probably be the only one to give it a try. Perhaps someone should suggest it to him.

  • Fergal Crehan says:

    “He’d probably be the only one to give it a try”

    Surely not? I already have visions of Martin Mansergh as the new lonelygirl15

  • copernicus says:

    I think Senator Norris is retiring.

    Brendan Ryan should do one explaining his conviction in Limerick for litter loutery.

  • Dan Sullivan says:

    Oh, I’m looking at it alright!

    I’m also planning on doing some YouPunditry for the general election the Dail part! Still in the trialing phase at the moment.

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