EuroNews: “The European Parliament, which next month starts chewing over the EuropeanCommission’s proposals for working hours has already begun re-inforcing several key worker’s rights. The Employment and Social Affairs Commission meeting on Wednesday has by a large majority accepted the idea of progressively abandoning ‘opt out’ cases, where the 48 hour…”

You see, I love EuroNews. I love the man with the staccato voice, who tells us what the vital Employment and Social Affairs Commission is up to. I love the way they frequently seem to speak in chopped up sentences, and find themselves reporting on stuff nobody else could possibly want to know. They don’t seem very opinionated on anything, with the obvious exception of taking it for granted that all things Euro are good.

But above all I love the soothing music that used to accompany the weather forecast- along with the man who would assure me, after showing me the entire continent’s weather (hottest spot always Cairo) in his friendly voice that we would now take a look at the Weather Where You Are.

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