Sarah Byam’s Dead Mice

By Sarah:

My husband is a cat. A big, blond, hairy cat. He comes to be petted when he wants attention. When he wants to be left alone, he really wants to be left alone. But he always comes back. He curls around me when I’m blue. And he brings me dead mice.

Well, not actually dead mice. David brings me trivia facts. One story was about Mormon housewives comparing and complaining about poop stories. ( People ask us to write about taking care of Mom with Alzheimer’s, but really, we have asked ourselves, how many toiletry stories do people want to hear?)

So for tales of uppity, intelligent Mormon women, and great poop scatological humor, see:

David brought me a story about a fishing cat in Indonesia who, apparently, swims and catches and eats fish. It is about the size of a house cat and looks like a cross between a tabby and an otter.

I hear about jelly fish who sacrifice glowing limbs down into the water to lead predators away from their bodies.

And the latest fun fact is about a vampire bat that gallops. Apparently, this poor creature cannot simply swoop down on its prey, but needs to do a bit of chasing. So it gallops on its forelimbs!

Thirteen things that science hasn’t figured out

The Elephant Bird

The longest man to survive a ship wreck and how he did it. Poon Lim, genius and testimony to the human spirit.

Eye-in-the-Sea Squid Video. A little bit of live squid action.

And last but not least, where do striped bunnies come from?

They say that one of the keys to a good relationship is never to bore each other. Well, David finds or invents something fantastic at least once a week.

Me? Well, this morning as my aerobic exercise, I chased the geese to make them fly. There was waddling, squawking, and spread wings, but nobody actually took off. Now my goal is to actually get them in the air. This made David laugh for nearly a half an hour.

We all have our gifts.

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