Bar Council Statement on Access Restrictions

Following strong representations from the Bar Council to the Judiciary and the Courts Service, the latter has scaled down substantially the arrangements for practitioners put in place by them at the beginning of term. The Bar Council has made known its total opposition to the pod system and the restrictions on the issue of security cards to members’ secretaries. The pod system is at present being reviewed by the Courts Service and the Service has undertaken to discuss the position with all the key users of the Four courts, including the Bar Council.

In the meantime, barristers entering the Four Courts complex may do so by producing their security card. The Council is aware of the strong reaction and opposition of members to the arrangements put in place on 3rd October 2005, without any meaningful consultation with the Bar Council in relation to the impact of these arrangements on our 1700 members. Such reaction and opposition has been communicated to the Courts Service in the strongest possible terms. Members will be kept informed of developments.

And readers will have their patience tested by also being kept informed.

I wonder if the Bar Council might be willing to express an opinion on closing off the front portico of the Four Courts?

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