A Cry for help

The law is an ass, some say.
That may be the case sometimes. But it is safe to add that legal websites are always arsey to work around.

So it is with this page from the courts service:


This is the legal diary. I want a way of automatically checking the Legal Diary Part 2, without having to go to the bother of downloading it in word .doc or .pdf format and doing a manual search every single day, for a particular phrase.

I then want to be alerted by email, or rss feed, that it has appeared.

I have a Mac with Automator installed, if that is of any help.

This would be a very valuable contribution made by the genius who can provide the answer.
I will buy them a bun.

UPDATE FROM THE COMMENTS: Prompted by the very welcome response to my forlorn wail for help, I rang the Courts Service today. Amongst other results, they pointed me to this page. Here a link is placed at the top of the list for the following day’s list, in plain text.

They said they’d get back to me on permission for converting the text anyway. But, see, wizards, this page may hold the key.


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