Corrib Gas Case: Shell ‘Surrender’ at High Court

If you’d like a lawyer’s eye view of what happened yesterday in the Corrib Gas case, you can slope over to the McGarr Solicitors website to read up on it. McGarr Solicitors represent two of the Defendants in the Shell case- Brid McGarry and Brendan Philbin.

Shorter version:
Shell seeking to withdraw the claim that had 5 men put in jail for 94 days last year. They no longer feel it urgent. Offer to pay all costs to the defendants to date, if they’ll drop their counterclaims. Two defendants accepted this offer and are now out of the case.
Counsel for the remaining defendants describe Shell’s reversal of their position respectively as a ‘vindication’ of their clients and a ‘surrender’ by Shell.

There’s more good stuff on the question of discovery in the full report.

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