Be VoteTube’s Ghosts of Christmas Future

I treat Christmas as a land with no computers.
Just so you wouldn’t be lonely after your third day of Ham dipped in pudding, I thought I’d line up a series of videos to pop up on by the power of my robot facsimile. But to make things a little more interesting, I’d like you (whoever you are) to send me links to videos you’d like to see.

I won’t be enforcing any kind of independence on this, so feel free to nominate your own pet project, issue or person if you want to.

What I will be looking for are videos that are amusing, arresting or otherwise make their point without letting boredom set in.

So, as they say elsewhere, Vote-o Me Up!

(Voting performed by sticking links to the videos in the comments, emailing [email protected] or sending me a link)

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