Gravy Train pulling into the station

With thanks to the Cedar Lounge Revolution, the EU Observer has the news that the European Commission has a plan to fund political foundations to

“support “European seminars” and serve as a “framework for national think tanks, political foundations and academics to work together at [the] European level,” says a preliminary paper on the issue.”

The fun part of this for us in Ireland is that the money will mostly be allocated according to party strength in the Euro Parliament. That puts FF somewhere in the pocket change division, while Ireland’s sole Socialist Party affiliated MEP, Mr. DeRossa will be able to draw on the research results of swathes of cash.

Well, OK swathes might be pushing it a bit. From the EU Observer again;

As yet, it is unclear how much money will go towards the scheme – EU officials have previously spoken of €1 million – but 15 percent of the money will be divided equally between all of the foundations while the remaining 85 percent will be distributed according to how many MEPs a party has.

So, put your thinking caps on now- the EU’s Communications Commissioner wants to see “diversity” and “controversy” to get voters to notice them by the next Euro Elections.

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