Thesis Q & A on Blogging and Politics

Lucinda McNally is writing a thesis on the impact of blogging on the Irish Election. She sent me a set of questions, which I’ll reproduce later today with her blessing, together with my answers.

She also sent me a second set of brass tacks questions, suggested after a meeting with a supervisor cynical about blogs. I’m going to throw those out to everyone to answer, either in the comment or on their own blogs. It’s all in the name of education.

What are your aims and objectives with the blog?
Do you reach these objectives?
Do you think your blog is effective?
How often is your blog updated?
How is your blog funded?
How do people know about your blog? Do you market your blog?
Who are your target audience? Do you reach this target audience? How do you know?
Who leaves comments on your blog? How many comments are left?
What are the advantages of your blog?
What are the disadvantages?
Does your blog have an impact on other media? How?
Do other media have an impact on your blog? How?
Why would people bother going on to a blog? (this is the question I got earlier!!!)
Do you think YOUR blog has had any impact on the general election? How?

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