Your Country Your Call: FOI docs reveal consternation, hubris

Rossa McMahon made a request under FOI for documents from the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation regarding the Your Country, Your Call competition. Mostly, it was refused.

So, being a curious sort, he appealed. This week he received a packet of extra docs.

They are only magic.

Rossa has written an excellent post on A Clatter Of The Law taking us through the nuggets of gold. For what it’s worth, my favourite is either where the Civil Servant in the Micro-Enterprise Policy Unit complains about being pointlessly asked to meet Martin McAleese by Batt O’Keeffe OR where An Smaoineamh Mór’s anonymous author dictates what the Role of The Government is to be in the competition. (Hint: money, free PR and then doing whatever the YCYC people tell them is needed for the ‘implementation phase’)

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