RTE and its awareness of its obligations

I’ve received a few replies via my solicitor to my previous letters requesting RTE make the news footage available to Tuppenceworth on the same terms as those it is proposing for the members of the National Newspapers of Ireland (ie, for free).


18th July 2011

I wish to acknowledge receipt of your request and accompanying fee made under the FOI Act. A public body has 4 weeks from the date of receipt of a completed request under the Freedom of Information Act to issue a response. Therefore the latest date you can expect a reply to issue is 15 August 2011.

You requested records relating to RTE’s proposal to make available to newspapers’ websites RTE New reports.

(What follows is a paragraph giving standard procedures)

If you do not hear from me within four weeks you are entitled to seek a review of your application on the basis that my failure to respond to you is the equivalent to a refusal to release the records requested. The first stage in that process is an internal review. The designated Internal Reviewer for RTE is Adrian Moynes, RTE Group Secretary. You have four weeks to request a review from the final date on which my response should issue. Mr. Moynes has three weeks to carry out his review. If you are not satisfied with Mr Moynes’ response you are entitled to ask the Information Commission to review RTE’s response to your request. You have six months from receipt of Mr. Moynes’ reply in which to request the Information Commission to review your request. The Information Commissioner’s address is 18, Lower Leeson Street, Dublin.

Yours etc.


I refer to your letter of the 13th July which has been sent to me for a response.

RTE is a dual funded public service broadcaster; that is to say that its activites are funded by both commercial revenue and licence fee. RTE is aware of its obligations as a recipient of public monies. RTE has not finalised any terms whereby it will make its news content available to third parties. As outlined before in previous correspondence, this offer is currently on a trial basis. RTE notes your freedom of Information request.

yours etc

Letter number three is the refusal of my FOI application which is dated the 19th July 2011, the day after my acknowledgement. Who says the public service is slow?

I will post the text separately, when the hour is not so late.

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