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Super Euro Soccer Party!

Blogging here (from me anyway) may prove even lighter than usual in the coming weeks, as I pitch in with the always-lovely Fústar, and a host (well, a few) of other blogosphere types to delight, inform and amuse all those with an interest in the upcoming Euro '08 football tourney. Super Euro Soccer Party is go. Go there now.

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Newstalk This Morning

Well that was a novel experience. I said more or less everything I wanted to this morning, but if I may, a few final observations:I didn't pay very much attention to the original "Waters hates blogs" kerfuffle, and decided to appear on the show after being invited by Newstalk.

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Not The Nine O’Clock News

Piaras Kelly thinksIt isn’t hard to think why some people hold blogs in such disdain given the fact that there’s all this chatter about the phrase ‘Web 2. 0?, but in terms of some of the biggest stories which have been in the news recently such as the Afghan hunger strikers in St Patricks Cathedral, Irish bloggers have been relatively silent.

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