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Your Country, Your Call: A Tuppenceworth Perfect Storm

Your Country, Your Call launched a week ago. Its self description "a competition to ignite your imagination and reward your thinking" might have you scratching your head. Didn't we already go though exactly this already? The Ideas Campaign was an almost identical effort run by PR firm AMAS's Managing Director Aileen O'Toole in March of 2009.

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List of donors to Fianna Fail in 2005

Value of Donation - Name of Donor 5,750 - Ascon Limited Company 5,380 - Ballymore Properties Limited 6,348 - Castlemarket Holdings Limited 6,348 - CB Richard Ellis Gunne 6,348 - Durkan New Homes Limited 6,348 - John J Fleming Construction Limited 5,450 - Kilmacraddock Homes Limited 6,348 - Maplewood Developments Limited 5,750 - P.

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