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The Customs House Portico

The Customs House Portico Originally uploaded by Editor_Tupp. The OPW cite the Customs House Portico railings as the example of what they are trying to do to the Front Portico of the Four Courts. I thought I'd show readers what that Customs House portico looks like.

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Sit Down and Be Counted

Irish Seal It isn't often you're thinking about podcasting and stumble on a reference to your own grandfather. But that's what happened today when I was bumped towards Richard Develan's site to listen to his trial "Saturday View"-style podcast, Sunday Brunch. I'd listened to it, and thought it a little too slow, a little too safe and not focused enough on Ireland, but not a bad start.

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OPW: No Decision Made

I spoke to the EO I've been dealing with in the OPW today. He confirmed that no decision had been made regarding the proposed changes to the portico of the Four Courts, including installing railings across the entrance to close them off. This is contrary to the maps issued by the Courts Service recently in relation to changes in the security arrangements at the Four Courts.

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