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Right Hook Speaking Notes

For future reference, I'll stick my rough notes from last Monday's Right Hook up here. It is likely that almost nothing in it will be news to the readers of this blog, with the possible exception of the Google patent referred to below. Right Hook Notes 19th November 2007Over the weekend, there was a quiet revolution.

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The Future of Newspapers

(This article recaps and expands on my discussion on Newstalk's The Right Hook)Newspapers around the world are shrinking. In fact, with a few niche exceptions like the Economist, all print media are having troubles. The culprit, as usual, is the internet.

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Why Have Data Retention?

Some time ago, Karlin Lillington of the Irish Times linked to details of a secret Council of Ministers questionnaire. This was drawn up in advance of any data retention legislation being in place, in November 2002. It is interesting in its entirety, but I'd particularly draw people's attention to question 5 and the Irish Government's answer.

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