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Science Week: The shock of the new

What in your opinion was the best invention of 2007?And now, the end is near. This week, I've been answering questions set as part of a competition run by Science Week (and publicised by Damien) about technology. I've mostly taken a lo-fi approach with my answers (perhaps excepting my wish to own an internet radio).

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Science Week

More competitive musings in aid of Science Week and good clean fun. Today we turn our attention to the question:What invention do you most want to see in the future?Again, obvious answers crowd forward. A TARDIS (again).

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Science Week: A Calculating Child

It's Science Week this week and to mark the event there's a little competition running. Details on Damien's site, but basically all a blogger need do to enter is answer a different question each day about science and technology. As the prize is a Nintendo Wii, which I covet but cannot justify buying, I intend to put my shoulder to the wheel and post throughout the week.

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