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Minister to Nowhere

If you'd like to see the fruits of my previous efforts with a tube of glue and a potato, head over to the VoteTube. org site now and see Minister to NowhereI tried posting the video here, but it just broke the site. Feel free to tell your friends.

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VoteTube.org Website Now Up and Running

Take a wander over to the site for our VoteTube Competition. For the moment, we're running various political ads from the US along with some ideas for people who might like some help gettting started. Hopefully, we'll start to see some videos from closer to home.

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Irish Voter Registration Form

I've mentioned before that the number of seats with a winning margin of less than 500 doubled from the 1997 election to the 2002 one- from 9 to 18. Of those, in the last election, two were decided by less than 10 votes. That means that your vote, and the votes of your family and friends, may be enough to tip the election one way or another next year.

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