Hey, you! Yes, you. I need to see you in my Newspaper.

Everything is lost. Newspapers are doomed. You’ve read it on the Internet. You’ve heard it on the TV. You can even read it in the papers (for the moment). If you weren’t listening carefully, you might even say you’d heard it from me. But the thing is, I don’t think that’s true. I think newspapers are spectacularly well designed to do what they do- to give you information, entertainment and a sense of commonality with other readers. I just don’t …

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My Liveblogged Year, Part One

As a medium, liveblogging is still only a shadow of what it could be. But even still, the faint sketched in lines are becoming clear. And, as usually happens with an internet technology, I think the real impact of liveblogging will be felt in places the inventors didn’t expect.

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The Future of Newspapers

(This article recaps and expands on my discussion on Newstalk’s The Right Hook) Newspapers around the world are shrinking. In fact, with a few niche exceptions like the Economist, all print media are having troubles. The culprit, as usual, is the internet. With so much information, from all around the world, available for free how are newspapers supposed to compete? Well, now there’s a new service that might have the answer. Like most good ideas, its very simple (though like …

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Ireland’s News Search Engine

Inspired by the Chipwrapper website, I’ve built a custom Google search engine which searchs though the websites of all the Irish news sources I can find online. So far, I have the Times (paywall blocks reading most of the stories returned, sadly), RTE, the Indo stable of papers, the Examiner, the Star (kind of), the Sunday Business Post and the bits of Magill and Village magazine which are searchable online. Let me know if I’ve missed anyone. Feel free to …

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