But will there be sticky buns?

Bewleys announced today that they will be reopening their Grafton Street premises in May. It will be managed by the men behind Café Bar Deli, Odessa, Eden and the Market Bar which means the food will be decent at last. It will have four separate areas including a café and patisserie on the ground floor, a fish restaurant and a restaurant serving Mediterranean type food. The theatre will also be back in action on the top floor of the building and will include cabaret and jazz performances in the evening time. Well, I suppose it can’t all be good news.

I am delighted that its back. There is no decent eaterie on the street and very few Irish owned businesses. Its a beautiful building and with the right management, it will return to its status of being “An Institution” minus the bad coffee and bad food. I’m told they will have a working coffee roasting machine in the lobby which will make a welcome change to the current olfactory delights of Grafton Street – the McDonalds bins and the traffic fumes.

I have high hopes for this new venture but let us all share a moment of reflection for the sticky cherry bun…

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