Shoes, glorious shoes

We all have dreams. World peace, winning the lotto, taking a round the world trip, having the power of invisibility, you know the kind of thing. I would like those things too but my current passion is to own a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes. Winning the lotto or having the power of invisibility would be useful to reach this aim but I’m not greedy. All I want is €500 with the proviso that I can only spend it on a pair.

I visit them in here Brown Thomas sometimes. I stroke them and whisper that I will own them one day and that they just have to be patient. I trawl eBay for mispellings that may lead to pair for half nothing or a pair that no-one will have noticed. I’m still waiting. I bought myself the Habitat shoehorn that he made which made me giddy with joy. Its a start.

If I were to end up with a pair, I think I would have to keep them seperate from my other shoes (all 30 something of them) so that my faithful pairs wouldn’t get jealous. I would also have to get myself the lifestle that warrants only travelling from car to bar with soft carpets in between. Perhaps winning the lotto may be the way to go after all.

Mr Blahnik, I salute you.

(by the way, its my birthday next month and I am a really, really nice person)

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