A Simple Idea

I found this odd, but somehow endearing portion of the Dublin.ie website called the Virtual Institute of Simplicity. I took the chance to post them my simple idea- that there should be a number you could text to let Dublin Bus that someone is smoking on your bus. It wouldn’t do any good at that moment, I realise. I don’t foresee a 24-hour darkened room waiting for the texts to come in, staffed by nervous over-caffeinated public servants. I doubt that they’ll instantly radio the driver to let him know so he can pull into a garda station and have the culprits taken away in chains. While having his trouser hems set on fire.

Though I can but dream.

But it would let them know exactly the times and routes where it would be most useful to put inspectors. (Hint: As anyone who’s been in the District Court on Dublin Bus Smoking Day can attest, it’s the 77, the 27 and a very few others. Never the 46A.)

What I didn’t expect was that when I posted and looked at the top 5 simple ideas, they were all related to transport. That seems to indicate something of a trend.

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