Digital Rights Ireland: The Podcast

In fact it is the podcast of Tom Raftery, who is this week interviewing the chairman of Digital Rights Ireland, UCD law lecturer TJ McIntyre.

He asks him questions about a number of the areas in DRI’s remit, but focuses particularly on defamation and liability for speech published online. From his occasional interjections of ‘wow’, he clearly finds some of the information on how libel laws work here to be of interest. When you’re particularly interested in an area, it can be hard to remember that not everybody knows what you take for granted, so its good to get an outsider’s perspective on these issues.

But I thought I’d tell you how to subscribe to Tom’s podcasts in iTunes so that they will magically update every time he has a new one (magic not included on dial-up, I’m afraid). Just open iTunes and click on Podcasts in the list on the left of the window. It’ll be the second from the top with a little purple thingy beside it. At the bottom of the window on the right you’ll see a modest little link called ‘podcast directory’ with an arrow beside it. Click it and you’ll find yourself in the front page of the iTunes Music Store podcast section.

Tom’s from Cork, so therefore will never appear on the front page, but don’t let that faze you. You just look for the third little purple box on the left of that window and you’ll see a place where you can type in Tom Raftery. Then click the picture of the magnifying glass beside the box.

The result will appear. Don’t bother with the list view in the lower box. Just take a look at the upper, purple box. You’ll see a grey button saying ”subscribe”. Click it and iTunes imps will be put to work.

You can try the same procedure in the unlikely event that you find another person who makes podcasts you think you’d like to hear regularly.

From this we have learned three things.
1) Apple believe that purple is the colour of podcasts.
2) This tuppenceworth blog needs more of a mix of writers.
3) Cork will never forgive the editor.

UPDATE: Tom Raftery leaves this valuable short cut in the comments.

Thanks for the link – and for helping people with clear instructions on how to subscribe to my podcast.

Another (simpler?) way to do this is:
1. Open iTunes
2. Click on Advanced -> Subscribe to Podcast
3. Paste in the feed of my podcast –
4. Click Ok and the aforementioned iTunes imps will be put to work!

Very well. It appears I describe above the most long winded method of subscribing to an iTunes Podcast that a person could contrive.

From Dermod Moore:

Am I being a bit of a thick newbie here but wouldn’t the clearest of all being to just click on


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