Hugh’s Adventures: Hugh PI

Now, this is an experiment.

I’ve got a few scripts I wrote years ago stashed away in the computer here. And a few days ago TCAL reminded me that some of them might be good. I’m not all griping about privacy and harassing public servants, you know.

They are stories from an animation/live action children’s series called Hugh’s Adventures.
You’ve never heard of it because it doesn’t exist.

But perhaps someone might want it to when they read the stories. Or they might just enjoy imagining what that series might have looked like. I know I have, frequently.

So, after a little bit of thought, I’m going to release all the scripts over the next few weeks under a Creative Commons licence. It will be an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License. This means that people can use it and/or change it, so long as they both credit me as the creator and their use isn’t commercial. But they have to distribute their own derivative work with the same licence. This is a generic licence, as the UCC project to localise the CC licences to Irish law seems to have stalled slightly.

The first one is Hugh PI. This is a kind of pastiche of Black and White Raymond Chandler films half remembered from Sunday Afternoon showings on BBC2.

Running Time would be about 12-15 Minutes.
It’s laid out as a script, which may be a little odd at first if you’re not used to reading them. You ought to be able to get the idea from what’s there as to what might be happening on screen. Stick with it, and let me know what you think.

I’d be genuinely thrilled to hear from you.

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