Emma Pearson’s Exhibition Launch

Emma Pearson is a long-time contributor to tuppenceworth, both under her own name and as her alter ego Fluffy Dutton.
So I’m delighted to let you all know about her exhibition in The Gallery, The Mill Centre, Celbridge.
All the details are below.
And if clicking on that link above was your first visit to Fluffy Dutton’s writings, I’m sure you’ll want to delve a little deeper.

“In Bed with DoppelGang”: An exhibition of new paintings by Emma Pearson
“Strip”: Video art by Niamh Murphy

Emma Pearson’s paintings offer fluid observations of drag and cabaret performers backstage, as they get into ‘character’. Assuming costume, make-up and mannerisms almost like a second skin, real-life perfomers are captured in key stages of the process. An intimate glimpse into the private moments behind a public performance, as conventionally defined notions of gender, personality and identity are dissolved and reassembled in (often) unexpected ways.

The work shares similarities, yet marks a significant progression from Emma’s previous collection, “Confessions of a PonyGirl”, through its use of use a multi-layered technique to build up Marlene Dumas inspired washes of colour which add a sense of both depth and translucency to the strong,
contour-based linear element. Also known under her stage name, ‘Fluffy Dutton’, the prolific artist and tassel twirler has spent the last five months documenting the backstage antics of stage troupe DoppelGang from their first show through to the triumphant Alternative Miss Ireland victory of troupe member and drag artiste ‘Funtime Gustavo’ on 12th March.

The exhibition also features video art installations ‘Strip’ and ‘No Ladies and No Babies’ by Dublin artist Niamh Murphy, which (literally) disassemble the concept of the ‘stripper’.

21st April — 4th May 2006
The Gallery, The Mill Centre, Celbridge, Co. Kildare

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