More Podcast Outpourings

There were some things I forgot to say in the last post and some new ideas.

Firstly, I think I may have misadvertised this podcast- I think it ought to be be thought of as the Art Podcast.
I think there might be other streams- I can see a place for a poetry podcast, or one from Fluffy Dutton. We’d label that one explicit, whether it was or not, on principle. Who knows?

It might settle down to something as regular as a different one each week, so that you’d have one of each every month. But, on past experience it is more likely to be as the whim takes us.

Practicalities now. To the three people who aren’t me who have subscribed to the podcast feed, I thank you. For everyone else, perhaps knowing that you can find it in the iTunes Music Store by doing a search for ‘tuppenceworth’ might do encourage you to tune in. Or by clicking here.

I even have the nifty tuppenceworth logo displayed with it.

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