Deadly Wages Reborn Online

At the beginning of May, I wrote about the Irish Literary Revival Site, where Irish authors make pdfs of their out of print books available for free download. The founding Librarians are Philip Casey and Patrick Chapman.

Spurred by this idea, I convinced my father to let me move his book, “Deadly Wages: Irish Work Hazards” online, as a blog.

Each day, from next week, a selection from the book will be posted to the site. Admittedly, it isn’t quite Pepys’ diary. Occupational hazards, case studies of accidents at work and information on toxic metals and chemicals make for unlikely daily reading. Though anyone who subscribes to the Case Studies feed will find themselves gripped with a blackly grim facination at just how many ways things can go wrong for a person at work.

There have been a few cases of people leaping from blog to book. I think this is an interesting experiment, as it may be the first copyrighted work to jump from published book to blog. You can find out more about the print version of the book here.

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  • celtictigger says:

    How does your father feel about the google ads for other legal practitioners that pop up beside his (excellent, very excellent) text?

    Best of luck with the experiment. Resources such as this are a valuable contribution to public understanding of the legal process.

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