-My external Hard Drive died last night taking all my photos, music and podcasts-in-progress with it.
This is unfortunate.

-I have an Irish exam to sit on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. I have done no work for it.
This is unfortunate.

-The Sunday Times have reported on the Labour Party’s hiring of Zach Exley as an online campaigning expert. I spoke to the reporter earlier in the week, and told her also about the dinner in the Dail between lively minded Labour Party officials and Britt Blaser, who was also in Ireland this week. I would like to write more about the discussions at this meal, to which I was kindly invited, but the point two above prevents me.
This is unfortunate.

Damien says sensible things, giving the impression that he may be thinking more about this than he’s letting on. Presumably, after Mr. Exley (whose name is marvellously evocative of a character from Melrose Place) starts his job, we can expect such annoucements to appear first on the Labour Party website, rather than in Mr. Murdoch’s localised press.

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  • copernicus says:

    A lot more phlegm on display there than I could muster in similar circumstances.

    I’d wish you luck in Irish, but for the moment the subjunctive construction escapes me.

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