VoteTube Competition Announcement

A competition for the most entertaining, most persuasive and most effective political and civic message videos made about Ireland. (UPDATE: See for much more)
There are two categories for entry.
One is specifically for third and second level students and the other is for everyone else.

You can enter as often as you like. Videos may be entered by teams of any size from one person up.

Entry requirements:
30 second or less video.
Address a political issue- in the widest sense. Could include voter registration, or a pitch for a certain party, policy or area.

Target Audiences:
18-35 or any part thereof.

Aim: Influence viewers. Go Viral.

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What’s a political issue?
Well, its more than political parties. Politics is anything you feel strongly about- or that you think people should do something about.
It might be related to a national issue, or a hyper-local one. It might even be an international issue that you have direct knowledge and experience of.

What’s influence?
You should try to make people think about your issue or campaign and present something that will sway their opinion.

What’s viral?
The test of a good ad is whether people you don’t know mail it on to their friends and they pass the link on. The key is to make your ad appealing and clever, or funny, or moving enough so that people will do this.
Tip: Get past what you’ve heard other people say to what you really want to say.

Competition Rules
You can create your video using any format you like. It has to be eligible for inclusion on some public video hosting site.
Your ad has to be distributed through an online video site such as YouTube or Google Video.
You should send the web address of your video to [email protected] by 12 midnight (Irish Time) 15 January 2007.

It will be posted on the competition website.

You are encouraged to publicise your video and get as many people as possible to watch it.

The Judging Panel will pick a winner based on how
-entertaining it is.


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