The Paper Round: Beyond the Ink

Well we’re stuck into the raw reports now, and no mistake. But while we regroup and gird ourselves for the big push to the next level (who knows what surprises the Sunday Indo will have for us?) I thought I’d do a simple bit of linking.

In truth, I’ve been doing research anyway for the essay that will eventually emerge from all this raw info. So you might as well get to see some of the things I’ll be looking at.

The UK’s newspaper market; some statistics.
Irish Newspaper Circulation figures
A round up from the (Independent Newspapers owned) London Independent on “the Future of Newspapers”
Jeff Jarvis, a reasonably well known consultant to newspapers in the UK and the US, also on the Future of Newspapers.
O’Reilly, père and O’Reilly, fils urge us to pay no attention to the small men behind the curtain.

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