No satire please, we’re Irish

As I wrote about earlier, there are conditions placed on the broadcasting of proceedings of the Oireachtas by Standing Order, including that extracts shall not be used for political satire.

The relevant Standing Order is SO 110. I quote it below. I’ll have one more post later this week, giving my response to this apparent bar to use.

Broadcasting of Proceedings

110. That the broadcasting on sound and vision of the proceedings of the
Dail and its Committees by national, local and foreign broadcasters shall be
authorised subject to the following conditions:
(a) that recordings or extracts of the proceedings shall not be used in
programmes of light entertainment, political satire, party political
broadcasts or in any form of advertising or publicity, other than in
the form of news and current affairs programme trailers;
(b) that broadcasters shall ensure political balance in the material they use;
(c) that, subject to the approval of the Joint Committee on Broadcasting and Parliamentary Information or a sub-Committee thereof, broadcasters may be permitted to carry live coverage of any item of business subject to the following provisos:
(i) that such item shall not be interrupted by commentary, analysis or commercial breaks, and
(ii) that such item may not be re-broadcast in whole or in part except as permitted in and subject to the terms of this Standing Order;
(d) that copyright of all audio and televised material shall be vested in the Ceann Comhairle on behalf of Dail Eireann and its Committees.


  • Will says:

    You could do a show with commentary and editing a la Daily Show but without the laugh track but…
    “that such item shall not be interrupted by commentary, analysis or commercial breaks”
    means it will be dull

    You could recreate the footage using actors (Go the full hog and do a monty python style angle on it) or indeed puppets. Podge and Bertie?

    however, I don’t think that the Daily Show use CSPAN or similar THAT much. A team of video cameras following the politico to catch them off guard would work but would be expensive.

    Are there people willing to follow them to generate such footage, or is it illegal too?

  • Simon McGarr says:

    I like all those suggestions Will, but the reality is that it is far more demanding to recreate a Dail debate then it is just to show the real thing.

    As to following around people to catch them out, I’ve a post on VoteTube this week with a video from the US on that point. Effectively, it argues that a candidate’s entire campaign can be blown apart by a taped slip.

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