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Wearing various hats the Irish Blog awards nominations have been good enough to recognise blogs I’ve an involvement with in a couple of categories. Voting closes on Friday night, so hurry to have your spake.

Obviously, I’d ask that you bung a vote in for us here at tuppenceworth (Best Group Blog, Best Political Blog)and for McGarr Solicitors (Best Business Blog, Best Specialist Blog). I’m nominated in the category of Best Contribution to the Irish Bloggersphere. In the absence of a nomination for TJ, I’ll presume this stems from various DRI or defamation related talks I’ve given this year. Consider this one as a Digital Rights Ireland proxy vote therefore. Bernie Goldbach, who is an actual Director of DRI, rather than a mere mouthpiece such as I, is also nominated.

The Blog awards are a secret, private matter. And just like one who has recently voted, I am happy to natter about my choices, tearing through that hard won veil of secrecy without a care.

I voted for Fustar wherever possible- particularly “Manky Toy Monday: League of the Transformable” for best humourous blog post. Fustar is the most consistantly high quality blogger that I’ve come across. Everything he writes shows signs of thought, research and good humour.

Also, I voted for the Midnight Court’s Paper Round Exclusive in the Best blog post. Obviously it’s tied to the tuppenceworth, but also the thought of the Sunday Indo subber who thought that McDowell was capable of releasing a Garda Reserve recruitment poster based on Kitchner’s “We Need You!” poser brings a smile to my face to this day.

Photo blog nod went to RedMum– though this was a very difficult one. There are some really good photographers out there.

I can’t remember the others now ( I should have written this when I voted, rather than days later).

So if you’d like someone from tuppenceworth to hold a tiny, tiny cup aloft above their heads on the 3rd March, you know what you have to do.

Prediction: The winners will have harnessed a swell of support from an audience other than other bloggers. Like a teacher getting votes from all their bebo-using students. Something like that.

Columbo bonus: Just one more thing- My “Minister to Nowhere” video, which I made as a sample short for the site, is up for best Videocast. I’d be particularly delighted if Spud Cullen took a prize, as I love the look on his little talking potato head.


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