McDowell Argues With Himself

I have often suspected that if Michael McDowell was to be locked in a room on his own for anything longer than 2 hours, he would start a fight with himself. Today, that suspicion is confirmed. Under the headline “McDowell Rejects Mobile Phone Claims”, RTE reports that

“he [the minister] said that the allegation that the prison service had been colluding with prisoners over phone use was a serious one.”

Fair enough. And who was making these allegations?

“Prison officers were angry at an earlier suggestion by Mr McDowell that their members could be complicit in the smuggling of mobile phones into the country’s prisons.” (italics mine)

Will the debate get nasty? Perhaps Mr. McDowell will compare himself to Joseph Goebbels? Maybe it could even get physical. Pistols at dawn perhaps? I say, leave him Michael, he’s not worth it.


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