Sky Handling Partners: Some Good Clean Fun

Damien Mulley’s bags were lost by Sky Handling Partners. He complained. Strongly, no doubt.

Today, he found he’d been signed up for a number of gay dating sites without his knowledge. Using internet gubbins, he found that the IP number of whoever had done so had been one owned by Sky Handling Partners. He says he feels some of the false statements attributed to him are defamatory.

This, for we the audience, has the makings of a full scale circus.

And like the original Roman Circus, not everyone will be getting out alive.


  • Suzy Byrne says:

    Candyfloss and popcorn has been in plentiful supply all night and ringmaster has been doing a wonderful job. When the clowns appear … well their noses are going to be so red. Ok it’s far too late and that was a terrible pun.

  • Celtictigger says:

    Hmm… I may have all the legal knowledge of an extra on Matlock but this walks, smells and quacks like some species of litigious water fowl.

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