Fustar.org is no more!

UPDATE: Good news! Where once there stood fustar.org, now gleams a stately pleasure dome that we may call fustar.info. Amend your links on the double.

A major disaster has occurred in Irish blogs.

While others worried about data protection issues, and went so far as to construct small songs on the topic, the big story of the week has been ignored.

Fustar.org, home to Fustar and his fertile, interested imagination has been wiped off the face of the web by the petty minds and black hearts of Lycos, his hoster.

Despite his efforts to get them to transfer the domain to Blacknight (my own hoster of choice) they let the clock run out and now demand he pay them more money to get the name back from them- if I have my story straight.

As a man of high principle, he refuses.

There is currently a suggestion that the Fustar blog might return with its incomparable archive (the world’s foremost collection of information on Count Curly Wee, for example) at a new address in the future.

Until that day, my waking hours will be a little less bright.
That and it’s coming in to Winter.


  • Fustar says:

    Thanks for the kind wordeens Simon. Yes, all is rather shit in the house of fustar.org at the moment. I’d like to say many, many nasty things about Lycos but will refrain till the matter is resolved.

    I’ve very little time to sort the whole messy business out at the moment, but hope to arrive at a solution before winter really kicks us all in the nuts.

  • Simon McGarr says:

    In the meantime, have the keys to tuppenceworth as a place to put any ideas that pop into your head.

  • Fustar says:

    Thanks, although I’m regularly careless with keys so may end up losing them down the back of the sofa.

  • Green Ink says:

    Ah, crap. I thought it had gone quiet over there. Lycos, you are denying us a vital part of our culture! You Bastards!

  • I can empathise with the fustaration… frustration here. I had the old obriend.com domain hacked when with my old hosting provider and as the hacker had managed to get changes made to the registration information I couldn’t renew it as the security info I had didn’t match and the hosting company couldn’t grasp the fact that their systems had been hacked resulting in my problem.

    So obriend.info was born (over a few beers of a saturday evening) and my relationship with the nice people over at hosting365.ie started.

    My experience is that it is much nicer dealing with a hosting company who are local to you… I’d never go with a US based webhost again no matter how cheap.

    Blacknight are also very good and should hosting365 ever stiff me I’ll be hopping over to them in a jiffy. (it’s a competive market boys!)

  • fústar says:

    It lives!

    Reset your phasers for fustar.info and fire away.

    I have now severed all ties with evil giants and am being happily cuddled by the tender boys/girls of blacknight.

    Thanks for the concern.

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