Science Week: Treasured Tags

Today’s question:

What invention has helped you most with your working life?

I have had a few different career strands. And, being a indoorsy sort, all of them have been centred on rearranging the order of pieces of paper. But vitally, I also needed some way to contol those pieces of paper. Paper clips will only take you so far. When the going gets hot, and the files start to get thick only one invention will do.

All hail the treasury tag!

I can tell that some readers will be disputing my decision. (Yes, that’s right, I can hear your thoughts as you read this. What of it?)
You may feel that I must have forgotten the magical computer box on my desk. In response, I can only say that if you were to magic my computer away I could continue to function. But if you were to magic away all my office’s treasury tags, chaos would ensue.

Messy, paper based chaos.

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