Bus Thoughts

Some thoughts that drift through my mind as I sit on the bus on the way to town.

Reportedly, a recent opinion poll suggests that voters feel cheated by the government. They feel that the outgoing FF ministers didn’t tell them the truth during the election. To those people I have a question- do you wander the streets with a look of astonishment that life isn’t like ads? How do you travel through the day when your brain is kept in a box on the top of the wardrobe?
I will restore myself to my usual sympathetic self by the New Year. In the meantime, lump it.
Amateur Hour
I was thinking about what makes a journalist today. There are plenty of people who work in publishing and even broadcasting who don’t consider themselves journalists.

Even from my own hobbiest point of view, I was asking myself what kind of things are and aren’t ethical. I think the main thing is to just remain honestly enthused by the matters that interest me. My model here remains Fustar.

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  • Twenty Major put it very well today…

    “Hospitals are dirty, people are literally afraid to be sick because they know there’s every chance they could get even sicker by going to the place that’s supposed to make them better.

    It’s like being afraid to go to church in case you get raped by the devil.” http://twentymajor.net/2007/11/29/harney-and-bertie-a-marriage-made-in-poo/

    Unfortunately I think that at the last election the sheepish electorate swallowed the well polished spin and decided to stick with the Devil they knew. Now they are unpleasantly surprised when it is all gone to pot.

    Quite how the performance of the Government chimes with the “amateur hour” theme in your post I’m not quite sure. However the best advice I ever got was to find something I enjoy doing and then figure out how to make a living doing it.

    I wonder how many of our government leaders (or civil servants or HSE staffers) are enjoying what they do at the moment?

  • fústar says:

    Simon, Only noticed the hat-tip just now. Very nice of you to say so. I’m a firm believer in unapologetic and honest enthusiasm. Getting enthused about something previously undiscovered/neglected is (surely) one of the most life-affirming feelings there is.

    I find myself completely bored by much of contemporary mainstream culture/journalism, largely because it ignores any past that isn’t sanctioned as “classic”. If you want to know how dreary the term “classic” can be, look no further than Empire magazine!

    What was I saying again…?

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