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It seems that Irish bloggers are not the only ones to have recently engaged in navel-gazing about this thing we call Blog (we just love to blog about blogging, don’t we?). I don’t often post links independent of a larger post, but when the New York Review of Books runs a piece on the subject of blogging, we here at Tuppenceworth sit up and take notice. The article is a thoughtful, serious-minded and unpatronising examination of the of the blog as phenomenon and form, and the most thorough treatment of the topic for a non-expert reader I’ve yet seen.


  • Simon McGarr says:

    I refuse to read it until it comes through my letter-box.

    I look forward to joining your upcoming tutorial class “On becoming an Expert Reader”. Will we get extra letters in our alphabets that other readers don’t even know?

  • Fergal Crehan says:

    I am now reading at a sixth class level. This makes me an expert, as there are no higher classes than that in school. Are there?

  • Hmmm.. reading at the age of a pre-pubescent boy. How’s that working out for you?

    Simon – expert readers can look at a page of text and see dolphins hidden in the pagination. Didn’t you know that?

    I did enjoy the NYRB piece – particularly the juxtaposition of Plato and Bloggers in terms of their writing style and structure. If Plato was pottering around today, would he be smoking in Dublin bars (surrounded by serious ponderers) and writing a blog?

    Plato is stupid. If I met someone in the street and they were Plato I’d ask them to leave my presence immediately.

  • annette says:

    Thanks for the link to that piece – it’s wonderfully written and one of the best descriptions of blogging I’ve come across.

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