Slow Day for Thinking

I’ve been trying to come up with something clever and original to write about today, taking the burden off Fergal. Sadly, I’m not up to the job.

In the absence of these goodies, I’m going to lean on the kindness of others.

First up, the Irish Independent’s article today (based on my Facebook article) demonstrates the truth of that well-worn saying “Never give an interview on decongestant“. The quotes attributed to me (and I’m sure they are accurate) represent a mangling of the language worthy of the Taoiseach. In particular, the misuse of the word coherent has my cheeks burning.

Daragh O’Brien has been musing over the probable ending of the Hollywood writers strike. I was amused by his musings.

Suw Charman is offering a free day out in London for people who might want to know more about how you can squeeze money out of open IP in the business world. If you were interested just nip over to here and take a gander.


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