The Other Eegit on the Radio

I’ll be on this morning’s Tubridy Show on RTE Radio one with Richard Delevan, late of the Sunday Tribune. The topic we’ve been set, like the leaving cert essay, to discuss is ‘Political Hactivism’.

UPDATE: The discussion can be heard here (Realplayer link) from 49 minutes in.


  • And Mulley was on Newstalk this morning. Sheesh. I can’t avoid bloggers. I must leave my own presence immediately.

  • Ha ha… Ryan took a nice subtle dig at the JW shenanigans. Well handled Simon.

  • Simon, your last point this morning was that invidual political bloggers should take a narrowly obsessive stance on commuting or some such and that ‘party head office’ should ride the tide by having soundbites and policies that respond to the grassroots issues.

    But surely the political classes can’t be overly swayed by the opinions of a few obsessive bloggers?

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